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Biomass Woodchip supplies and Mobile woodchipping services

Egerton Tree Care are able to supply premium grade, RHI compliant, woodchip to your door.  We can cater for all your needs and can provide advice where required.

We aggregate feedstock from tree surgery residue or local forestry providers, allowing material to season to reduce the moisture content. The wood fuel is stored in large covered storage barns, free of any source of contamination. Material is then loaded into various types of delivery vehicle and transported to our local customers.

We are BSL (Biomass Supplier List) approved supplier in the Northwest.

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biomass chippings shropshire

Egerton Tree Care Biomass Supplies

  • Has low fuel-miles, so minimising the carbon footprint of fuel supply
  • Ensures local employment in both the loading & delivery part of the process
  • Stimulates improved forestry management in the locality, through sourcing of local timber – with all the associated downstream benefits to woodland management and ecology.

Moisture Content

The majority of biomass boilers are designed to burn wood chip with a maximum level of moisture in it. This moisture content can vary from 25% to 60% but is most typically at 35%. If the moisture content of the wood chip is too high it can cause a boiler to shut down, while if it is too low and the wood chip is too dry it will burn too quickly.  Having a reliable supply of high quality wood chip at the correct moisture content is probably the most significant factor affecting the operation of a biomass boiler.

Having a Biomass Boiler ourselves, we at Egerton Tree Care Biomass Supplies are experienced in what affects the incorrect wood chip can have and can confidently recommend our products to suit your requirements.




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